Rewards - WoW Rooms - #India's fastest growing wholesale travel agency!!!



With constant support from our property owners, we have successfully established ourselves in India as the fastest-growing chain of hotels, homes, managed living, and workspaces. We have thus created accessible and affordable living spaces for millions of guests across the world. 


Our relationship with our asset owners goes beyond the traditional association that exists on paper. Every hotel owner is a valued member of the Wowrooms family and is actively involved various partner engagement programs. With tech-led innovations and hotel management expertise, we encourage hotel owners to lead a hassle-free lifestyle while Wowrooms takes care of day-to-day management and operations to express our gratitude and empower more hotel owners with Wowrooms tech-led franchise models.


Hotel owners have often described their experience with Wowrooms as a major turning point in their hotel business after they witnessed a significant growth in terms of revenue and footfall. With Wowrooms Rewards, we want to make this possible for maximum hotel owners around the world.


Thousands of hotel owners can greatly benefit from Wowrooms hotel management innovations. Furthermore, we empower young entrepreneurs to invest in their dreams while we carry out world-class transformation projects with our team of interior designing experts, provide skilled staff and tech-led solutions for modern-day businessmen.


A lot goes into delivering what we promise and we never shy away from going the extra mile to give the guests an unforgettable experience. It doesn’t matter if only a single guest stays with us, what matters is that he takes back a memorable experience. And, to create such experiences, we know it’s important to take control of the entire hospitality experience end-to-end. At Wowrooms we bring our successful model of combining design, hospitality, and technological expertise, financial acumen and operational capabilities to real estate owners around the world, giving them the ability to get a higher return on investments, access easy financing opportunities, transform their hotels, and offer good quality customer service, thereby significantly increasing occupancy and profitability. 


Wowrooms welcomes you to see how our asset owners have been successfully benefitting by partnering with us and how you could ensure more fellow asset owners get the same benefits as you yourself.


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