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Partner With Us

People often have questions like what exactly partnership is and how would it benefit us? To understand the answer to this very important question, it’s crucial to realize that for us at WOW ROOMS it’s not just about selling a room, but it is about making hotels a part of a collaborative ecosystem which is transforming the hospitality experience. The key features of this collaboration are:

Robust demand mix: The most important thing for any business is the presence of demand. We also keep innovating our strategies to attract a high number of customers.

High level of transparency: One thing that we take very seriously about our partnership is the level of transparency. By means of end-to-end technological integration, our partner hotels are always aware of the business done with the company.

Assistance at every stage: The moment a partner l gets on board with us, we assist in upgrading the property to match the Wowrooms standard. The new hotels get access to our efficient vendor network, and also to our deep understanding of customer experience. This results in hotels getting a top-notch transformation in compliance with the best of hospitality standards. We also provide inputs on staff training and on delivering processes, for maximum impact.

Every hotel is important: We treat our hotel partners not just as business affiliates, but as friends and as an integral part of our team. We also understand that each partner is unique and should be treated as such. Hence, for every property, there is a key account manager assigned.

Long-term partnerships: Our aim is to build long-term partnerships with the end goal of delivering value to the customer.


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