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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:


What is Wow Rooms?

India’s fastest emerged network of Villas & Hotel accommodations with a sheer focus on quality, affordability, customer experience and hospitality.


How do you choose the properties that you list on your website?

We hand-select properties based on their fit with the overall Wowrooms portfolio unique, attractive, secure, comfortable, and well-located.


When I stay at Wow Rooms, am I staying in someone else's home?

It depends. Some properties we rent ourselves for their character, location, and charm. Other properties are the owner’s secondary home that is typically vacant most of the year. Either way, we always make sure that the location meets our checklist of brand compliance and comfort before we open its doors to travelers.


Questions about Bookings:


How do I make a booking with Wow Rooms directly?

You can browse our homes by city and filter for your exact needs. When you are ready to book, simply make your reservation online and it is instantly confirmed. If you have specific needs or want some help choosing a neighborhood, give our concierge team a call at +9167477999. They are available to assist you.


Is my booking instantly confirmed?

Most of our bookings are instantly confirmed. If it is not confirmed instantly, you can expect a confirmation call within a few hours. If you have any questions, our concierge team is available to assist you.


What is your pre check-in process?

We want to make your arrival experience as seamless as possible and in order to do so, we need to get some paperwork completed before you arrive, including collecting a picture of a government issued id. We do this to verify identity and ensure the safety of our guests in all of our homes.

Can I book last minute?

Yes! For last minute bookings, give us a call on +91 9167477999. This way, you will be able to reach Wow Rooms which is available in your destination. You can also book online, click here to go to search page.


When will I be charged?

You will be charged for the entire stay, including tax, at the time of purchase.


Can I pay directly at the property?

Sorry, this option is not available. We take 40% payments in advance and the rest 70% can be paid at the accommodation.


What if I have special request like an extra mattress or food?

 Please contact our concierge team and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Depending on the item, additional charges may apply.


Are there any restrictions in my Wowrooms ?

Each property comes with their own set of house rules. We request you to go through it thoroughly before you book your stay.


Questions about Listing with Wowrooms:


What kind of guests would I receive?

We personally set all our customers and based on the information received we calculate a customer trust score. Bookings would be accepted only if the trust score is above a certain threshold.


How do you ensure rules & regulations at my villa?

Before accepting the booking, we inform the guests about all the rules and regulations about the property. Further, we also place signages at the properties to make sure the guests are always aware of the rules.



How would I know the real price my villa was booked at?

At Wow Rooms, transparency with the owners is one of the key principles. We will send a monthly report highlighting the details about all bookings including the price of the booking and the source.


How much does it cost to avail your services?

We believe in pay as per performance model. So, only when your property makes money, we make money.


How would you ensure my villa is well maintained?

We do regular audits and surprise audits to ensure everything is up to date at your villa. We would also give you access to our exclusive vendor network which will help you maintain your villa at a lower cost.


More Questions?

Call us on +91 9167477999 or email us your questions on support

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