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About Us

Founded in the year 2020, amidst Covid-19, WoWRooms Hospitality Pvt Ltd is growing to be an advanced online platform to the travel industry. WoWRooms provides an ecommerce platform that solely focuses on the domestic segment of India, highlighting their different cultures and the ethnic origin of every state.

WoWRooms mission is to make it easier for everyone to travel India. WoWRooms provide properties all over the nation, a chance to reach a global audience and grow their businesses. We have invested in technology that takes the best out of travel, and seamlessly connects thousands of travellers to memorable experiences, a variety of incredible locations-from hotels to villas and much more.

WoWRooms has more than 10 listing options for the travellers to choose from, over 500 stay options and other unique places that are impossible to find elsewhere. WoWRooms works to make each segment affordable for the general public ensuring optimum satisfaction on a budget.

Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, WoWRooms is there to assist you, right from making your booking easy to providing you a 24*7 customer support. We promise an environment of trust and transparency for our customers and vendors.

Our customers not only pay for an elegant getaway but we also ensure to provide them with quality toiletries, their concierge, and number of unforgettable experiences.

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